With nearly forty-seven percent of Millennials stating they would prefer volunteering for an organization, 16 per cent said they would give financial support and around thirty-three percent would be inclined to give both time and money to a meaningful charity related to their interests.

As a result of these positive statistics pointing out inclined millennials are to engage in philanthropic or charitable work, it is evident that companies and organizations alike need to collaborate to create necessary steps to utilize this interest. The below are a few salient ways you can engage in a two way dialogue with millennials during the fundraising campaign process.

Motivations are key

Millennials are a culture defined by a deep desire to affect change and receive instant gratification for their efforts. As products of the digital era, millennials are aware of global issues at lightning speed, which therefore can act as a catalyst to provoke interest, resulting in a clear motive that allows for charity spectators to understand the organization’s mission. If you happen to compare data or findings to see how you are interacting with your younger audience base the difference between the two will provide some insight as to what you need to change in your current or next fundraising campaign.

Call to action

It is no surprise that Millennial digital experts desire a certain level of immediacy that other generations may or may not be accustomed to. For this generation of young people, a plethora of information can be accessed from the tip of your finger. As a result of needing this immediate response time Make the donation process as simple as possible – it should take two clicks at most from start to finish.

coins in hand

Cultivating advocates

Crafting a strong foundational base of millennials is not only important when fundraising for charities or philanthropic bodies, it has increasingly become a fundamental as more and more young adults are entering the workforce. Since it can be difficult for millennials to commit or consistently donate to a specific cause, it’s vital to remember that the key is to maintain engagement for the longest period of time possible.

Cultivate a strong online community of advocates through community management of your social media pages, by showing each person that interacts with your organization that their input or engagement actually matters. Maximizing public relations as a resource not only allows people to feel special, but it also produces a mentality in which they feel that their opinions matter. Responding to questions or liking comments guides allows your organization to engage with fans in a more personable way via social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.

Showing transparency in terms of organization expenses, changing goals and potential alterations within the organization’s functions is essential to winning the trust and respect among millennials who are interested in your charity.