Can you believe it’s already June in 2017? There are a lot of fun activities happening and one of them is just around the corner. Small Charity Week will take place June 19th-24th. With a mission of raising awareness as well as celebrating small charities, Small Charity Week is a UK organization distributed across causes and communities throughout the UK but also the world.

Through partnerships and social media, Small Charity Week will kickstart on June 19th with events happening across multiple social media platforms. A Facebook, Twitter and Instagram competition will take place to help raise the profile of small charities. The winners on all 3 platforms will each receive a cash prize.

To enter, anyone with a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram must take a photo of themselves with a poster that reads:

“I love *insert small charity* because *insert reason why*”

Another option besides taking a picture is taking a video in the same format. The entries will be tracked using the hashtag, #ILoveSmallCharities for each post.

With gossip, body shaming, bullying and more, social media has a pretty poor reputation. Small Charity Week is a great example of how social media can be used in a much more positive light. Raising supporters and gaining awareness are just a few ways social media can be utilized by small charities.

This 6 day event has a great calendar setup optimized for small charities all over the world. On day 2, after the social media competition, experts on small charities will make their advice accessible on a 1:1 ratio. Advice topics such as fundraising, marketing, policy, product management and more line the options up for discussion between experts and small charities in London and other UK locations.

Day 3 & 4 are specific days to policy and fundraising where small charities will have the opportunity to engage with influencers and dive deeper into the logistics of their charity and it’s functionality.

Big Impact Day (Day 5), is day for small charities to be recognized with the big impact they make in their community. Launching an award program, the FSI will be handing out Big Impact Awards to the charities that enter. A large cash prize and a film highlighting the work of the charity are just some of the prizes offered to the award recipients.

Lastly, this week ends with a big Celebration Day that will celebrate small charities everywhere, even outside of the UK. For anyone who wishes to following along, Small Charity Week has a mailing list and a Twitter that will send out updates.