The country’s first official Boys’ Club was founded in 1876 by American railroad executive, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Edward Henry Harriman. Harriman, a New York state native, wanted to form an organization that would provide inner-city boys living in the Lower East Side area a safe and nurturing place where they can participate in more productive activities. The original Boys’ Club of New York clubhouse began with three boys but, within its first 5 years, attendance rose to 100 boys.

boysclubThe core mission of BCNY has always been to provide the boys and young men of NYC a safe haven from the potential dangers found on the streets. Throughout the years, BCNY has expanded their range of programs far beyond their humble beginnings. The Boys’ Club of New York began simply as a refuge for young men, but it is now an organization that encourages the boys and young men it serves to continue to strive in the areas of scholarship, moral development and physical achievement. The nearly 3,500 boys who are members of BCNY are constantly challenged to reach their full potential and the organization works to offer hope for a better future by helping them acquire the skills necessary to make their goals a reality.

The Boys’ Club of New York now operates three clubhouses in New York City. The Harriman Clubhouse continues to serve the residents of the Lower East Side, while the Elbridge T. Gerry, Jr. Clubhouse serves the East Harlem community and the Marion McMahon Abbe Clubhouse serves the community of Flushing, Queens. The organization serves predominantly lower-income families, and provides its members with opportunities that they may otherwise not have access to. This includes services that address the social, health, emotional, creative, and educational needs of their members.

Getting involved with the Boys’ Club of New York is very easy as they have several opportunities to volunteer and become a part of their organization. Throughout the year, BCNY holds a variety of events that benefit the different services they provide. One such event will be a Golf Outing taking place June 16th. Donating to the Boys’ Club of New York is also easy. They accept donations through a secure and trusted system on their website, and also accept donations in the form of stocks and securities, tribute gifts, planned giving and direct payroll deduction.