Similar to learning about a new topic or becoming familiar with an activity, getting involved in philanthropy can without a doubt be a daunting task. Pushing certain limitations in order for you to be a driving force in local, domestic, international philanthropy takes a great deal of time and consistency. Surrounding yourself with others that strive for the same level of success is hyper important. It may be helpful to follow the below tips to guide you in navigating this process.

Challenge yourself

Making the effort to engage with people or groups that challenge the way you approach philanthropy is one of the fundamental keys to succeed. There is no place for complacency when it comes to changing people’s lives. Whether it is feeding the hungry in underprivileged areas in cities across the U.S. or participating in a service project in Ethiopia, taking opportunities that bring you out of your comfort zone is ideal.

Committing to improving how you can make a more interesting fundraiser for your org or researching effective social media tactics for your next Twitter campaign is vital for keeping everything rolling digitally.

Be consistent

Find a way to create more meaning for a certain charity event or adding a new layer to your company’s mission will help you excel in various areas, instead of just focusing on macro-level changes internally. Regularly working on the project at hand in different ways is ideal for any individual or group for meeting a deliverable.


Having a group around that you can work with and support emotionally is an awesome way to increase motivation on a day to day level. Reciprocating emotional support with people who shown interest in helping you excel is beneficial for all parties involved. Remember that increasing philanthropic involvement takes constant work, so please don’t get discouraged if it takes longer to meet your goals.