Not often do you see a comparison between gym workouts and clean water charities, but that’s exactly what the people at Iron Tribe Fitness have done.

In 2009, Co-Founder and business owner, Forrest Walden wanted to use the business to give back to those in need. He has a yearning desire to combine Nerverthirst and IronTribe Fitness as a joint effort to help bring clean water to over 700,000,00o people around the world who are denied access ti safe drinking water.

His idea: “WOD for Water” to bring together business and fundraising. WOD is a cross-fit term that means “workout of the day”.

In 2009, Forrest Walden hosted his first “WOD for Water” to help bring clean water to Haiti after devastating natural disasters struck the nation. It was a huge success and has become an annual fundraiser that has grown exponentially every year.