Friendships bloom in the most unlikely of places. You can never predict when that perfect person is going to enter your life and change it for the better. Ales, a policeman, was going about his business as he would any normal day. A driver breaking the speed limit caught his attention, and after pulling him over, Ales was caught completely by surprise.

It began innocently enough. The driver, Powers, was sitting in his car as Ales approached. After writing him the ticket, Powers took the fine with a smile and asked him a question. Curious as to the state of Mississippi and her law enforcement officers, Powers asked how Ales had been doing after all the shootings. The two exchanged pleasantries, and Powers politely requested a few more seconds with the officer. Presenting him with a prayer bracelet, Powers smiled and continued on his way.

Amanda StarbuckThe two became fast friends after the incident. Ales wiped the ticket for his new found friend, and Powers donated what would have been spent on the fine to the Palmer Home for Children in north Mississippi. The media took their unlikely friendship and ran with it, making it an overnight viral sensation. Inspired by the traction their humble interaction motivated, the two opened a charity for the children of fallen police officers.

WeDo.Life has one mission, and that is to be a helping hand for families in the midst of tragedy. Though creating a working charity was more than the dynamic duo thought, initially hoping to just give the money to the organizations in-need, they have since cut the red tape. Though currently only accepting donations through their online platform, Powers and WeDo.Life hopes to soon be hosting events to raise awareness and garner attention. Turning a largely annoying and frustrating experience into the foundation of a charity that will help thousands of families, Powers and Ales are setting an example we all can follow.