The NYSPCC’s Junior Committee is set to host its Spring Benefit program in just a few short days. Let’s take a look at the organization’s history and mission.

Amanda Starbuck NYSPCCThe NYSPCC or New York Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children is the world’s oldest organization created to protect children.  Its mission is simple, to help serve the complicated needs of children who suffer from abuse and neglect. They accomplish this by supplying legal services, as well as counseling and educational programs.  The NYSPCC will continue to work tirelessly towards its goal of eradicating the abuse and neglect of children across the New York City area.

Over its long history, the society has been responsible for investigating more than half million cases on behalf of millions children. Furthermore, the NYSPCC has also been dedicated to the education of professionals, having provided lessons to more than 50,000 men and women who actively help kids properly identify, and then report potential child neglect or abuse.

In order effectively serve troubled children, the NYSPCC needs help. Please consider donating your time and resources to this great cause. Donate here to help fund our commitment to help abused and neglected children. If you have the time, please considering volunteering. Opportunities to volunteer include, being a member of the prep team for the organizations holiday party, participating in the NYSPCC Holiday Toy Drive, which occurs seasonally. You can even take the initiative and organize ones for your own friends, family, and coworkers. You could also serve as a host to a parenting seminar in your work, if possible. There are a myriad ways in which you could contribute, so please visit the page on their official website.


If you are available on May 6, you can stop by the Junior Committees annual Spring Benefit at the Tao Downtown. Additionally, please read the resources provided on the official NYSPCC Website. They will help you learn how to identify abuse or neglect, and then take the correct steps in reporting this to the property authorities.